Hi Everyone!  Here is the latest!

Over the last few months an extremely powerful story, written by Ximena Casillas, of Skye has been turned into film and is about to be released!  Ximena Casillas is a young actress and singer from Mexico City and is making it happen in LA.  She  recently has transitioned into creating and producing her own projects.  Her debut as a producer and writer is about to premiere in LA in the next month.  The movie is called Skye and without giving anything away the piece is about survival and how everskye movie posterthing we do, we do it in order to survive. Even falling in love. Ximena wrote, created, produced and starred in this film.  Which to any actor like myself is extremely inspiring!

I am fortunate enough to have already seen the film and I can tell you first hand how amazingly powerful this story is. I truly think it is a story all should experience.  It truly demonstrates the power of survival and love.  Later this month there will be a premiere red carpet event for the film in LA.  Where anyone can attend for a small donation.

Ximena is another up and coming actress in LA.  You can follow the link bellow and keep updated on all her news and performances.

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